Established in 2020

We moved to Los Angeles in January of 2020 with great anticipation to enjoy the experiences that the area had to offer. Sadly we barely had a chance to see any of Los Angeles because only two months later the COVID-19 virus outbreak occurred and the world went into quarantine lockdown. To avoid cabin fever we began taking leisurely drives through LA County to take in what sites we could from the roadway. As we drove through the area people both in cars and on the streets would smile, laugh, and wave at us. It didn’t take long before we realized just how much joy we were bringing to a community who really needed a boost to their spirits in such a difficult time. As our drives became more frequent we decided to turn our trips into a hobby by creating a website that would allow people to share in some of our experiences. Our website officially launched in April of 2021.

When you see us please say Hooowwwlllooo!!!

Raine was born June 14th, 2016 in Lemon Grove California. He was adopted by Jeremy 9 weeks later. Sadly just day’s after being adopted it was discovered that Raine was infected with the parvovirus. With lots of love and support from his human family and having a warrior’s spirit, Raine overcame this deadly disease and is now the model of perfect canine health. During his time living in San Diego, Raine would love to either spend time at the Ocean Beach Dog Park playing with his friends or to go boating on Mission Bay. Now that Raine lives in Los Angeles he enjoys his time hiking at Pyramid Lake or going to the Leo Carrillo State Beach. While Raine is very affectionate, he also enjoys his independent time alone to relax and can often be found in the backyard sunning himself on the lawn while working on his tan. Raine’s absolute favorite hobby is digging holes in the dirt.


To bring joy, humor, and adventure to others.


To create exciting, heartwarming, and compelling experiences for others by producing riveting new content.